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Re: Listening

Bob Williams asked:

>What is the opinion of the members of this [Penguin Guide to CDs]
>guide? The worst (as well to be fair the best) CD's that I own had
>the Penguin's approval.

Well, Bob, I have to admit to using it all the time. It's kind of snooty,
the tastes reflected are not mine, but the judgements are really pretty
helpful and often spot-on.  I have been tempted to shell out the L18.95 for
the latest edition, then I thought, No, why not just carry on consulting it
in record stores, like I always do? If it wasn't around I'm sure my choices
would have been less informed, represent (generally speaking) less value
for money. I find it especially good for judgements on authentic and
non-authentic performances (period instruments as opposed to non-period).

Best,  Alun


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