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More alternatives....

OK, this is the latest alternative to GG (see f_minor, some months ago for
the original "what do people listen to when they ain't listening to GG"
thread -- put like that I have to admit it looks uncommonly stupid, but in
fact it was a great thread and produced some lively and fascinating
discussion...even one or two admissions, I recall):

Ute Lemper sings Kurt Weill, vol. 1.  Over the years I've tried various
performers of this uniquely political, evocative canon of Weimar Germany
(Threepenny Opera, Ballad of Sexual Obsession, Rise & Fall of Mahagonny
etc) and have found some more successful than others, while some seem to
miss the point. Lemper is simply wonderful -- a predatory growl, a silken
whisper, a chilling declamatory bark -- backed by this hooting, sleazy
chamber ensemble.

Anyone out there interested in this period/music would adore Ute.

Later,   Alun


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