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Scarlatti: FOR SALE

Dear F_Minors,

Some of you will recollect that a couple of months ago I enthused about
Pletnev's playing of D. Scarlatti sonatas. Well, after careful
consideration, I have decided that I will stick with Szokolay playing on
Naxos, despite the fact that there is currently only one Naxos disc
available (a selection of 18 sonatas), though I understand that they plan

So, if anyone is interested, I have the following for sale:

        Domenico Scarlatti SONATAS: Mikhail Pletnev (Steinway piano)
        Virgin Classics x 2 discs in a jewel case, elegantly packaged,
        with superb liner booklet.

It contains:
On disc one: K443, 1, 283, 284, 27, 380, 24, 247, 519, 17, 9, 3, 404, 213, 214.
On disc two: K96, 146, 87, 520, 11, 386, 387, 268, 141, 113, 25, 173, 523,
8, 259, 29.

It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, 10 - 11 October 1994 and
issued in 1995.

The list price (which I checked in my local Virgin Records and also in the
Brittania Music Club to which I belong) is L28.99, though Tower Records,
Birmingham, was selling it at L18.99, which is what I paid. (I haven't
checked their most recent price.)

To the US
        I would like to sell at L14.00 plus L4.00 for airmail p&p.
        At an exchange rate of 1.589 (today's Guardian), this works out
        at USD28.60. Let's say a total of USD28.00.

For the UK
        L2.00 first class p&p will cover it. Let's say a total of L16.00.

Obviously, wherever it goes, I'll mail it wrapped in bubblewrap or similar,
inside a jiffy bag or box (whichever seems most secure).

If anyone wants to buy, or wants more info, please mail me directly

Thanks for reading.

Best,  Alun


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