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Re: GG Tape cut

> > I'm not sure if my ears are bad, but I think I've found the only instance
> > I've heard of a noticable "patch" in a Gould recording.  (I guess there
> > are some well-publicized ones, but they haven't been noticable to my
> > ears.)  In the WTC I Eb Major Prelude (track 13 of disc one of the WTCI
> > in my sony version) there is a little "hiccup" between bars 64 and 65
> > (that's around 3:50-3:51 on my sony version.)  I hear it between the last
> > f in the tenor of bar 64 and the first beat of bar 65.  
>    I think I hear the patch too.  I've heard a few in GG's recordings.  I 
> don't know if concerto recordings count, but there is a fairly prominent
> one in the finale of the Beethoven Opus 15.  Towards the end of the
> piece, there is a skipping sound as Gould begins to play the unison scale 
> passages in the bass.  

The most egregious splice I can think of from a GG recording is at the end
of the first movement cadenza in the Mozart C minor concerto (the
commercial Columbia recording, not the live performance that's been
issued).  GG trills, then plays a brief cascade of descending notes
leading to the orchestra's entry.  Huge splice between the trill and the

The beginning of the first-movement cadenza in the Beethoven concerto #1
also sounds like a splice: that first note is too quiet and seems to come
from a different acoustic space. 

Some of the splices in the Bach Toccatas bother me, too, as the takes
change pitch across the splice. 

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