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Re: GG: Bibliofind

Hey, Kristin --

That's a funny GG quote that you've tagged onto your outgoing e-mails, but
I wonder if perhaps, I'm not so  different from the members
of this kook contingent.  Idolatry is kind of an obsessive, teetering-on
the-balance (not to mention, expensive) pastime.


P.S.  Lori, I've taken your advice and stopped surfing the net for GG
sites, so stop tempting me! :)  I'm already planning a call to
VideoFinders, uh, I mean Kultur Video, thanks to you guys.     

> ___________________________________________________________________________
> "I take a powder right after a concert because I have this kook contingent
> who follow me from place to place, and some of them are really teetering on
> the balance."
> --Glenn Gould, Holiday 4/64