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Re: GG: Timothy Findley

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> Has anyone on the list read Tim Findley's _The Piano Man's Daughter_
> which I read is the companion novel to _The Wars_ (the film of which GG
> scored with Strauss and Brahms)?  Any opinions on Findley or the film
> (or for that matter GG's work on _The Slaughterhouse Five_)?
> -MJ

Short, Incomplete Notes on -Slauterhouse Five-

Gould did actually little work for the film.  The only recording done for
the film was piece for the Dresden in ruins scenes (the composer and
piece eludes me, someone I'm certain will know).  This recording was left
unfinished on purpose to then fade into a chorale piece from a different
composer as the soldiers pass the church (the names of the composer and
the piece elude me as well.)  The rest of the soundtrack consisted of Bach
numbers already recorded for previously made albums.  The only real work
done for project was the final editing of the newly recorded pieces and
their creative melting by Gould and producer Andrew Kazdin.

Gould was in a unique position for royalties.  Both the movie company and
the Masterworks Department wanted to issue the soundtrack.  The movie
company had the rights to the it but by some manipulation and leaving out
the words "original soudtrack", Columbia put out their version at the same
time to cash in on potential sales.

I invite anyone to fill in the blanks or correct facts.  There is no sense
in keeping this fiction in not need be.
Jack McConnick