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Re: Tape cut

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Benjamin Lee wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm not sure if my ears are bad, but I think I've found the only instance
> I've heard of a noticable "patch" in a Gould recording.  (I guess there
> are some well-publicized ones, but they haven't been noticable to my
> ears.)  In the WTC I Eb Major Prelude (track 13 of disc one of the WTCI
> in my sony version) there is a little "hiccup" between bars 64 and 65
> (that's around 3:50-3:51 on my sony version.)  I hear it between the last
> f in the tenor of bar 64 and the first beat of bar 65.  
> So this brings up a couple of points:
> 1) Is there any way of verifying this?  Do others hear this, and is there
> documentation that this in fact is a patch?
> 2) Does anyone really care?  I don't really think I do -- it jumped out
> at me when I was listening to it on headphones which I normally don't do.
> And it seems smooth enough -- Gould is so smooth anyways.
> With #2 in mind, I'm sorry to have polluted everyone's inbox; I thought
> the curious might be interested, and I was curious if others heard it as 
> well.
> B

   I think I hear the patch too.  I've heard a few in GG's recordings.  I 
don't know if concerto recordings count, but there is a fairly prominent
one in the finale of the Beethoven Opus 15.  Towards the end of the
piece, there is a skipping sound as Gould begins to play the unison scale 
passages in the bass.  

                                Greg Romero