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Re: GG and Symbiosis

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Neil Tingley wrote:

> >    This version of K. 330 is on the same CD as GG's K. 491.  I don't
> >understand what all the fuss about this concerto is.  I find it to be a
> > gorgeous reading, so different from the dark and brooding readings
> >usually given to it. 
> I think you a re wrong about this. GG gives the concerto a Germanic gravitas
> which rather than the froth treatment. I find his conception utterly compelling
> - a refusual to linger and sentimentalize, drawing out the contrapuntal
> implications of the score and so forth. For me this is one of GG's finest
> acheivements - if not his most sculpted concerto recording. ~Utterly complelling
       I couldn't disagree with you more about the nature of GG's playing
of this concerto.  Listen to Rudolf Serkin's reading of the concerto for
an example of true "Germanic gravitas".  Where Serkin's reading is dry,
brooding, and subdued, GG's is filled with color, joy, and especially in
the last movement, hilarity.  I find his conception of this concerto not
unlike his readings of the early (1-3) Beethoven concerti, which most
decidely are not grave (nor Germanic), by any stretch of the imagination,
but are the most lively and youthful readings of these pieces I have ever

Greg Romero