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Re: GG and Symbiosis

> Date:          Wed, 9 Apr 1997 15:11:22 -0400 (EDT)
> From:          Bradley P Lehman <bpl@umich.edu>
> To:            f_minor@email.rutgers.edu
> Subject:       GG and Symbiosis

> Earlier, one of my GG phases led to collecting everything I could find by
> Otto Klemperer.  Something clicks there in the aesthetic sensibilities of
> his and GG's performances (though they never worked together).  Maybe the
> sense of architecture and the attention to articulative
> detail...everything is so objectively clear.  

I also have long sought out Klemperer's recordings in particular -- 
and also those of Szell, whose work in Mozart and Haydn in particular 
complements Klemperer's, I think (and who at least appreciated GG's 
musicianship, whatever he thought of his mentality).
Kris Shapar

          To doubt everything or to believe everything
          are two equally convenient solutions; both
          dispense with the necessity of reflection.

                              - Jules Henri Poincare