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Re: How does one acquire a GG collection w/o going broke?

C. Dunne wrote:
> In other words, do any of you belong to a CD club which has a
> substantial Gould collection?  Does Sony have a CD club?
> Thanks for any advice
> Colleen


It's simple:  GET RID OF THE INTERNET!  Before I got 
the Internet in my home, my mother had a moderate 
interest in Glenn Gould.  She enjoyed 32 Short 
films, we got very excited when PBS showed the first 
movement from "Emperor" recorded by CBC in 1970.  It 
was the highlight of the year.  

Then I got the Internet.  Since Mom was interested, 
I plugged him into the search engine.  Colleen, that 
was the most costly search I ever made--particularly 
when I got to Sony (no CD club, but we have a music 
store by our house that efficiently ordered every CD 
we wanted).  The discography was bad enough, but 
when I found the link to the videos, I had a 
discussion with myself.  "Do I dare click?  Videos 
are expensive you know.  There could be more than 
one.  You're just a high school teacher for Heaven's 
Sake!"  But then I thought of my mother.  She had 
grown to really enjoy our Glenn.  I clicked.  The 
obsession began.  It became a challenge to acquire 
it all.

Exactly one year later, she now owns all the videos, 
most of the CDs (she just can't listen to 
Schoenberg).  On top of that, I have duplicate 
copies of my favorites.  Now I'm not really broke, 
but, boy, is VISA bulging at the seams.  

Actually, though, most CDs and videos were acquired 
through the music store payday by payday.  We bought 
them one or two at a time rather than by Sony's 
sets.  Others were acquired through Columbia.  But I 
agree with Eric--DON'T GO THERE!  One month, the 
catalogue would come in with a GG selection, we'd 
order it, they would say they didn't have it.  They 
are not prepared to deal with Internet customers, 
and ordering by snail mail takes too long.  They get 
orders wrong, send out duplicates.  One time I even 
got Smashing Pumpkins instead of Glenn Gould!  They 
even sent their selections of the month after we 
both refused them by mail AND  internet.

We have now found Music Boulevard (aka Classical 
insites) @ 

They have sales, reasonable prices, and fast and 
easy service, and all of GGs CDs.  (But I warn you, 
don't click unless you really want to collect.  I 
tell you, it's an obsession!)

Just don't try to get everything at once.  Like I 
said, it took me a year.  I guess I was spending 
about $50-$75 a month depending on if it was a video 
month or not.  

Also, I would avoid CDs which were lifted from 
videos.  GG wouldn't have wanted them released on CD 
because he didn't get a chance to fix them the way 
he wanted them.  And the sound is poor.  Stick with 
the videos.  They are just as soothing and fun to 
watch too!

Good luck,

Lori L.