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Re: How does one acquire a GG collection w/o going broke?

Arin said:

>Savour each new
>acquisition, and get to know them slowly before you pick up your next one.
>That way it lasts longer.

God, what good advice. My alternative has been to buy rapidly,
extravagantly, wildly, gradually progressing through each format, dumping
one lot in favour of the next. Mind you, I only buy Bach. I've had a good
few of the vinyl CBS Masterworks reissues of the early 80s -- mind you, at
that time I was a manager in a big bookstore which had just moved into
records, so I exercised my right to a discount very liberally. Then I
discovered that the tapes were hiss-free and exercised my right to swap the
records for tapes. Then I upgraded to CD and the expense really began,
buying everything as I saw it or as it came out. Cost a small fortune --
but what the hell: I regard it as my pension. When I'm old and senile and
smelly at least I'll have all the Bach GG issued and I'll hum and sing and
caper around the house.....

Best,  Alun

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