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Re: Symposium in San Fran

Kristen said:

>So... who's going? Names, people, names! My travel plans are finalized, and
>I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I know Mary Jo
>and Katherine will be there, anyone else?

I've been v. preoccupied recently and obviously not reading my f_minor
properly: what sypmp. is this? It occurs to me that whatever it is, there
may be GG collectibles on sale which only those fortunate enough to go will
be able to buy. I wonder if there might be any kind souls willing to
co-ordinate some overseas buying for other list members? For instance, if
there were posters and/or postcards, or virtually any ephemera, I'd be
willing to pay cost plus post and packing if anyone would be kind enough to
do the buying.

Just wondered.....

Activity seems to have slackened off recently, presumably due to busyness
etc. I'd be interested to hear what people now make of the ITALIAN CONC.
album, now that they've had time to digest. What favourites do you have? I
*love* the Concerto after Marcello BWV 974 -- florid, imperious, haughty --
and especially the Fantasy & Fugue BWV 906.

As a collection I think it's the best value GG issue for some time and it's
probably the disc (of any sort) that I play most atthe moment.

Regards,  Alun

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