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Re: How does one acquire a GG collection w/o going broke?

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Arin Murphy wrote:

> (...) I just picked up the first
> volume of the old CBS Odyssey edition of GG's Beethoven piano sonatas -
> three CDs, sonatas 1-14 (11 is missing for some odd reason), (...)

The "odd reason" is that Gould disliked 11 so much he couldn't grit his
teeth (as with Mozart) long enough to record it anyway. 

My copy of the Quartet et al arrived yesterday, and I've been listening to
it on headphones.  Remarkable contrapuntal stereo separation in "So you
want to write a fugue?"  Remarkable amount of talking and other noise
during the Shostakovich quintet performance.  Is it that noisy on the
video?  Or is it cross-talk from another studio or broadcast channel? 

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