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GG: Private Life, Solitude and Ectasy

I too feel that GG's private life ought not to be a matter for the
peeping tom
style of journalism that is so prevalent today.    But at the same time
I would
like to understand if his form of creativity was inextricably linked to
as well as solitude.   And if so, was this a choice he made, even a
renunciation of emotional entanglements, or was it simply part of his
When I watch the various documentaries about GG, I'm  left with the
of someone of great personal warmth and humanity, not at all the oddball
hermit of "32 Short Films".    It is hard to reconcile this impression
with that of a man
who had no deep emotional connection with other people.

Perhaps it is ultimately futile for an ordinary person to try to
understand a
genius like Gould, and one should simply be grateful for his many gifts
the rest of us.

Herb Lison