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GG: Tempo, correction

In my posting of 22 March I said that on the tape of the second Bach 
TV programme "The Art of Fugue" he plays the E Major fugue from Bk2 of 
WTC at about half the tempo of the WTC cd. This was a massive 
underestimation. I listened again yesterday and then I timed it. He 
takes exactly 5 minutes compared with 1min 44secs on the cd. Even by 
GG's standards this must be extreme. It really is effective though and I 
would dearly love a recording at the slower tempo. Bruno says (and these 
are surely GG's words) "for the moment at least this is my favourite in 
all music". For the moment it is mine.
Well I'm off to Spain for 3 weeks so I hope f_minor stays as quiet as it 
has been for the last week. Last month I went for one week and found 74
f_minor postings on my return!
Have a good Easter everyone.