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GG: canadian brass art of fugue

I recently got the Canadian Brass' version of the Art of Fugue, and
noticed that ``this recording is dedicated to the memory of Glenn
Gould''.  The notes go on to say:

  In 1976 the Brass had the first of many meetings with the legendary
  Glenn Gould.  It was during these meetings that the Art of the Fugue
  was first conceived as a recording project.  From Glenn's insight and
  advice, the Brass was encouraged to bring this project to fruition.

The date on the recording (done in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene,
Toronto) is 1987.  (As a further random connection, the instruments used
were made by Yamaha :-)

Does anyone happen to know anything further about this?  I don't
remember the C. Brass being mentioned in any of the standard works.

I find the recording itself quite stirring, FWIW.  I like it better
than the string quartet rendition.  It wouldn't be the one I'd take to a
desert island, but ...