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Unintentional mail -- please ignore

Hello to all addressees,

A couple of hours ago you may have received a strange email message from 
me. The message may have been very old, or incomplete, or it could have 
contained extraneous comments. If you did receive such a message, please 
ignore it. The message should not have been sent (in the case of f-minor 
it's 'messages' because I think 2 got through).

It's all my fault for not deleting messages that I didn't finish or did 
finish but wasn't satisfied with. I marked them all as 'Do Not Schedule', 
meaning, do not send. Unfortunately, I recently upgraded my email 
application (Claris Emailer) from v1.3 to v2 beta. As there is no manual 
with the beta version I didn't know that v2 not only converted all my 
v1.3 messages to a new format but also changed the 'Do Not Schedule' flag 
to 'Send Now'.

My apologies to all concerned. I have now deleted all not-to-be-sent 

Tim Conway