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Re: GG: Saint Glenn...and Holy KI

Subject:     Re: GG: Saint Glenn...and Holy KI
Sent:        5/2/97 5:30 PM
To:          f-minor, f_minor@email.rutgers.edu
CC:          Kristen Immoor, kimmoor@mindspring.com
BCC:         Tim Conway, tpconway@ozemail.com.au

>        Ok, I know when I'm being called out, and I'm sorry if my slight
>at Byron J. upset you, I assure you it was all in good fun. I have nothing
>personal against Janis, Horowitz, Barenboim, Menuhin or any other musician
>(though I do have doubts about whether I would get along with Bruno
>Monsaingeon.) I like to have a sense of humor about music, and I sincerely
>hope this comes across in the majority of my posts (and I'm not really
>suing the GG estate, either.)
>        I also have a tremendous sense of humor when it comes to GG, and I
>like to think that I have a very well-rounded and realistic image of him.
>I have no wish to elevate him to sainthood any time in the near future,
>despite his kindness to...


There's hardly a Kristen Immoor posting that doesn't entertain, provoke, bring a smile or twitch to the lips, whatever... Often 'whatever' with a twitch, I regret but, dammit, those KI postings are all well written. If anyone frightens her away from f-minor I will personally see to it that the miscreant is...

Any ideas, anyone, for a suitable torture for people who denigrate GG fans or cause them to start like the fretful porpentine? Answers on a postcard, please. First prize: 2 weeks in Lake Simcoe soaking up the ambience. Second prize: 2 weeks drinking Lake Simcoe.

Hmm. This has got to stop. It went up to 41°C (106°F) on our deck today. January was hot, February looks like being hotter. Gasp. Pant. Not many, as Chas & Dave would say. Listening to GG is out of the question.


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