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Re: Helllooo?

Kristen said:

>        This is simply too much to be believed. Two whole days without a
>single message from F_Minor? My favorite group of chatterboxes?

I felt pretty much the same -- but oddly was also reassured: my POwerBook
has been in for servicing, so I (rather spitefully!) thought, well, at
least no one else is getting f_minor mail either!

OK, here's my latest snippet about my favourite CD of the moment, the
Italian Concerto et al (SMK 52620). I *adore* the Scarlatti -- especially
the utterly gorgeous, uplifting K.13. Why oh why did GG not record more.
Until I heard the three sonatas on this release I had become a convert to
Pletnev's two CD set on Virgin Classics. I mean, it's still a fine record,
but it doesn't match the exuberant, percussive delight with which GG played

It's good to be back. I've missed everyone.

Best,  Alun

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