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GG: Private Life

> Is Gould from a generation that has more respect 
>for the "private" life of
>public icons?  Did someone less "ethical" than >Friedrich name names?

I personally believe today's generation is not able 
to believe a public figure could have been so 
involved in music, that a personal relationship 
never came up.  Gossip in half hour increments (or 
hour long if you count those awful talk shows) 
permeate our society.  Apparently, our media culture 
thinks sex is the foremost thought on every man, 
woman, AND child's mind.

Just recently a music club (to which I know longer 
belong) released a collection--music composed and 
performed by the world's most famous homosexuals.  
Among them was Bernstien.  Now I know that he tended 
to be a bit effeminate, and who knows what went on 
in his private life (after all, having a wife and 
children means nothing anymore.)  Who determined 
this to be true?  Where's the proof?  Are there 
pictures?  This collection was based in rumor and 
inuendo.  The fact is WHY DOES IT MATTER, AND WHOSE 

I fully believe that Glenn Gould occupied his 
thoughts with music, philosophy, and social 
analysis.  He avoided close physical contact for 
reasons which many have speculated, but few have 
found proof.  Above all, GG wore his heart on his 
sleeve.  He expressed his opinion openly.  That is 
why there is so much material for us to analyze.  I 
believe if it ain't out there, it don't exist.

Lori L.