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Re: GG: Glenn & the Muppet Show

What a wonderful idea! Why have I never thought of it? Now we have a 
whole new loss to lament. It's just so perfect that now I'm sure it must 
have been done and the footage has been lost or something. (Never mind 
that I've got a library of Henson material and I know darn well that 
Gould is not listed as a guest star in any of the three seasons.)

I just can't get over the Kermit/Glenn version of the Winterreise...

Fear of live performance? The Muppet Show went through takes and takes 
and takes! It was recorded in a studio under the most articifial of 
conditions! Glenn would have loved it! And seeing how at home he was with 
animals, I can't see why he'd not get along with animated felt and foam 
rubber. And he certainly had the wacky sense of humour that would fit in 
just fine with Henson, Oz, Hunt, Nelson et al.

I've got an odd feeling that the dates won't coincide properly, though. 
The Muppet Show was very near the end of Glenn's life, I think. Not the 
time when he'd be most comfortable about something like this.

Thanks for the memory (?)! (Now I've just got to get it out of my head, 
or at least tell myself firmly that it never happened...)

Arin Murphy
Student, Savoyard,
Bookseller, Cellist-By-Night


"It really isn't difficult if you give your whole mind to it."
				-Lady Angela, Act 1
				   Gilbert & Sullivan's `Patience'