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GG: Chaccone

Hi To all GG addicts,
	This is my first posting to this group, as I have been operating
	on a 'Read-Only' basis until now, but with great interest.

	Some backgound first:
	I am a software engineer, 27 yrs old, working in a Video Compression
applications company
	and a graduate student of Computing, in Tel Aviv Uni, Israel. I
	the piano, with immense pleasure, but will probably be labeled
	for ever... 
	Discovering Bach's music was an important event in my life (and
Classical music in general...)
	which I can trace to 4-5 years ago. Gould appeared rather recently but
I managed to 
	collect most of his magor recordings, and love his Bach renditions.

	My question is this - Did he ever record the famous Chaccone (
transcribed by Busony ),
	and if not, why ? Who's else ( I know of Shura Chercaski's) is
recommended ?

	It is one of my life's 'goals' to master this piece on the piano...
		Omri Tal