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GG: Ital. Conc: faves?

Dear All,

I wonder what particular treasures List members have discovered on the
Italian Concerto et al disc.

A question: is it my imagination or is the tone of the Ital. Conc. just a
little fuller, slightly more sustained than one is accustomed to with GG?

My favourite track, I think, at the moment, is the Fantasy (& Fugue) BWV906
-- autocratically beautiful.

Resting from GG at the moment, with Satie on the 'phones, played by Ronan
O'Hora -- the Gymnopedies and the Gnossiennes. I have to be in the mood for
that wistful, introverted, gently melancholic soundworld of Eric's, but
there isn't anything else quite like it. It's also, I guess, *very*

Best,  Alun

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