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Re: GG on Television

smits@bluewin.ch wrote:
> Hello all,
> Yesterday I was browsing thru my tv guide when I noticed a program "Das
> Klavierwerk Johann Sebastian Bachs (1/3)" on the German regional BR3
> program. BR3 can be received in all of Europe via the Astra satellite.
> The program started 0.05AM on March 8th. Duration is one hour.
> It was the Bruno Monsaigneon video with GG talking and illustrating what
> he did like and what he did not like from Bach.
> Parts two and three will be broadcast March 15th and March 22nd. Also at
> 00.05 AM. The program will then feature the Kunst der Fuge.
> --
> Regards,
> Aart Smits
> ASB, Aart Smits Beratung
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With amazing good fortune, as I had not seen a TV guide and my dish is 
usually looking at a Eutelsat I happened on this programme (and very
near its start). What is more I had just got to know the Partita that GG 
played all through. I was absolutely spellbound seeing this amazing 
genius, really for the first time, that I had got to know so well by 
sound alone. (I did catch a minute or so of GG playing Goldbergs on the 
same station about two years ago).
The only departure from this amazing bit of luck was when I discovered 
in my rush to stuff a cassette into the machine that my daughter had 
left it on "long play" so the sound's not top quality. (I've murdered 
her, of course).
Thanks for the info, I didn't know there was more to come so I am 
ticking off the minutes till next Friday.
Why don't we get this on the BBC!
Regards Eric