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Ranier Hersch as GG?

Hi friends,
Am I the last F_Minorian to find this?:


It is the website of the "Comedy On the Web" page, and it features a
soundbite of Ranier Hersch, a London-based comedian who claims to be the
world's only living Glenn Gould impersonator. The soundbite is not a sample
of his GG mimicry, unfortunately, but I was wondering if anyone had ever
heard him do it. Is he any good?


"Glenn had barely cut down the ash that supposedly obstructed his playing
when he had the idea of simply drawing the curtains in his room, closing
the shutters. I could have spared myself the work of cutting down the ash,
he said... We often cut down such an ash, a whole forest of such mental
ashes, he said, and we could have spared ourselves the work with a simple
sleight of hand..."
-Thomas Bernhard