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GG: Thanksgiving theory

>I think GG really didn't like the Italian Concerto >too much,

I would like to indulge the group with an analogy:  

About late August or early September, a person 
decides to have a wonderful Thanksgiving 
get-together.  This person begins with planning, 
researching cookbooks for interesting recipes, 
emassing all the ingredients required.  

Throughout the weeks that follow, this person 
practices the recipes, makes arrangements for 
centerpieces, designs an invitation, meticulously 
follows an agenda designed to put on the perfect 
spread.  This person is consumed day and night with 
ideas to make that Thanksgiving something special.

Finally, the day arrives.  The turkey has been 
simmering in the oven since early morn.  The 
desserts line the counter.  The special side dishes 
are in various stages of preparation.  The guests 
arrived in formal wear, and they are truly amazed by 
what they see.  "Oh, my how wonderful this all 
looks!  You have truly outdone yourself!" they say.

But.......for some reason, this person is so sick of 
the smell of turkey, the table they have been 
designing for weeks, and they have an overwhelming 
urge to burn the now infamous cookbooks.

As meticulous as Glenn Gould was in everything he 
did, we should not misinterpret his comments about 
how he didn't like this piece or that one after he 
recorded it.  I believe whatever GG didn't like, he 
didn't record.  In my opinion, he was really 
suffering from post-Thanksgiving day syndrome.

Lori Lalonde