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New GG project

Hi all, I'm writing this as a general request for some volunteers.

        I am planning a new art project tentatively titled "Glenn
Responds," and I need a bit of group collaboration to make it work
(especially from the regular contributors and the exclusive lurkers.) What
I need is for anyone who is so inclined to send me one sentence (complete
or incomplete thought, clear or abstruse, long or short, it doesn't matter)
that Glenn Gould would have said but DID NOT say. In other words, I want
you to put words in his mouth, but I want those words to be completely
comfortable there. It need not be restricted to music, it can relate to any
old thing, but I want it to be as if GG said it to you and you wrote it
down. Try not to go above 30 words, because I want to try to preserve
everyone's individual capsule of information without editing.

        I don't want to influence the sentences so I won't say more, but I
won't be including contributor's names in the final piece so don't worry
about being mind-bogglingly profound or not sounding realistic enough.
Hopefully in the end it won't matter. I'll let you know how it all works
out. (Hope it does work out!)

Gould luck. ;-)


"Glenn had barely cut down the ash that supposedly obstructed his playing
when he had the idea of simply drawing the curtains in his room, closing
the shutters. I could have spared myself the work of cutting down the ash,
he said... We often cut down such an ash, a whole forest of such mental
ashes, he said, and we could have spared ourselves the work with a simple
sleight of hand..."
-Thomas Bernhard