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Re: GG:Conducting

     I think it is just a natural impulse, not just for musicians 
     but for all music lovers, to conduct when they hear music.  
     Everybody conducts along with the music when they hear 
     something really exciting, like a Mozart symphony, on the 
     radio.  That's entirely appropriate; it's just like playing 
     "air guitar" when listening to Jimi Hendrix.
     So I think GG is conducting his left hand because, in this 
     left-hand-only passage, he has a free hand and can do what 
     feels good.  And he'll sing along too because why not.  Then 
     when the right hand starts again you need that hand so you 
     better stop conducting.

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Subject: GG:Conducting
Author:  Mary Jo Watts <mwatts@rci.rutgers.edu> at internet
Date:    3/5/97 3:36 PM

>It's wonderful, in the ON THE RECORD video, to see GG "conduct' the >left hand 
pedal point notes while singing along and then adding in the >top part.
There's an article in French in _Glenn Gould pluriel_ about GG's 
conducting moves.  Is there anyone out there with the expertise to view 
a video and offer a theory about his self-conducting?  Esp. on the 
Goldberg video.  What is he doing-- is it usually a full orchestra in 
his head that he's conducting?  Is it himself? Parts of the score? How 
can you tell?