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Re: GG:JS Bach/Scarlatti/CPE Bach

At 8:15 PM 3/4/97, A.D. Dell'Aera wrote:
>and what of those live performances from Buffalo,
>Baltimore, etc?  And though the merits of this are debatable, I also got
>the impression that they would transfer most, if not all, of the video
>sountracks to disc (items such as the Bach Brandenburg Concerto #5, and a
>Brahms Concerto #1 (the Baltimore performance, although Sony should have
>made an attempt to procrue the Bernstein/NYPO tapes) which would be
>essential to any official GG audio collection).

Oh I totally agree; being the money-grabbing, hand-over-fist, pay up or
lose this music forever types of corporate dogs they are, it is strange to
me that Sony didn't put out more of the stuff that collectors spend months
searching for. We might debate the value of a repackaged sampler, but who
could deny themselves copies of GG Live in Baltimore and the GG/Bernstein
Brahms? If they're legally restricting the release of this material by
independent companies, they could at least have the decency to put it out
themselves. Unless the Estate is objecting, but I doubt they are... they're
getting paid, right?



"Glenn had barely cut down the ash that supposedly obstructed his playing
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he said... We often cut down such an ash, a whole forest of such mental
ashes, he said, and we could have spared ourselves the work with a simple
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