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GG: JS Bach/Scarlatti/CPE Bach

At the risk of boring those who have already rushed out and snapped this
new GG up, here's a few observations (for friends on and off this list) on
SMK 52620, The Italian Concerto etc.

First off, it seems to me that this is one of Sony's better value reissues.
78 minutes of music and six "first releases".

The remastering-bells-and-whistles-super-bitmapping is superb throughout.
Even the Italian Concerto from 1959 emerges pristinely.

We have:

- JS Bach:      Concerto in D Minor after Marcello
                - Eaton's, June 11, 1979

                Fugue in B Minor after Albinoni
                - Eaton's, August 5, 1979

                Fugue in A Major after Albinoni
                - as above

D Scarlatti:    Sonatas K430, 9 & 13
                - 30th St Studio, NYC, Jan 30, Feb 6, & Jan 30 1968 respectively

CPE Bach:       Sonata in A Minor
                - 30th St Studio, NYC, Jan 30, 1968

JS Bach:        Aria in A Minor
                - Eaton's, April 18, 1971

                Italian Concerto
                - 30th Street Studio, NYC, June 22 - 26, 1959

                Chromatic Fantasy BWV 903
                - Eaton's, Oct 11, 1979

                Fantasy in G Minor BWV 917
                Fantasy in C Minor BWV 919
                Fantasy & Fugue in C Minor BWV 906
                - all Eaton's, April 5, 1980

The sleeve notes suggest that many of these pieces were originally intended
for an uncompleted "Italian Album" or maybe even a compilation which had it
been issued would have preceded the Silver Jubilee Album.

But here's a question or two:

1.      The three final fantasies on this disc: apart from
        the 1981 Goldbergs, would these have been amongst
        the last -- maybe even *the* last Bach that GG recorded?

2.      The Scarlatti sonatas: GG suggested recording 12 sonatas.
        Scarlatti wrote 550. On what grounds would GG have (a) chosen
        just 12, and (b) stopped at just 12. My instinct is that he
        probably disliked DS's promiscuous styles and virtuosity. Any
        offers? (And has anyone heard anything more lovely than GG's
        rendition of the G Major sonata, #K8?).

3.      GG professed to detest the Italian Concerto; the Chromatic
        Fantasy was a "monstrosity". Is this why these pieces languished
        in Columbia's vaults?

4.      And finally, how does the rumoured GOULD FROM THE VAULTS
        release differ/coincide with any of the foregoing?

And very finally, if Eric or indeed anyone else is looking for a genuine
value-for-money GG sampler for unconverted friends, I would say go with
this disc. It's a joy. 78 minutes of bliss -- and no rip-off extracts, no
video soundtrack fillers. Great gloves on the cover, too!

Best,  Alun

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