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Videos on VHS PAL

Hello all!

I would like to know if anyone in Europe or elsewhere has been able to
find the latest video releases in the "Glenn Gould Edition" on VHS PAL,
not NTSC! That is to say:

Program XIII: Glenn Gould Plays Bach, "The Goldberg Variations",SLV

Program XIV: Glenn Gould Plays Bach, "A Question of Instrument", SLV

Program XV: Glenn Gould Plays Bach, "An Art of the Fugue", SLV 48426

Program XVI: On The Twentieth Century, SLV 48427

I know it is possible to watch an NTSC copy on a PAL video, but then you
loose a lot in picture quality. I've tried to order them in Sweden and
from England, but I haven't had any luck so far.