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Re: GG: Scarlatti


It may be in your letter (and I apologize if it is), but after two
readings I cannot find it. *Who* is playing the Sonatas?????

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Alun Severn wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have just joined a CD Club and was intrigued to see this selection of 31
> Scarlatti sonatas receiving the following rave review:
>         "Every so often a major pianist reclaims Scarlatti for
>         the piano with an outstanding recording and this is certainly
>         such an occasion. There are dances and fiestas and processions
>         here, serenades and laments, and evocations of everything
>         from the rudest folk music to courtly entertainments and
>         churchly polyphony; and as the kaleidoscope turns you marvel
>         at the composer who could embrace such diversity and shape
>         it and put it all on the keyboard.....This is one of the
>         best piano recordings available."
>                         - The Good CD Guide
>                         - 1996 Gramaphone Award Winner
> Anyhow, eager to try and bost my spirits with a spot of retail therapy, I
> hurtled around to find this. It's on the Virgin label; my club catalog
> priced it at L28.99. Virgin's store -- where one might have expected to
> find Virgin product -- confessed not to sell it but could order it at
> L29.99. A burst of speed found me in (the previously maligned) Tower
> Records. They not only had it in stock and played me sample tracks; they
> had it for L18.99. I almost tore their arms off in the process of handing
> over my money.
> It's a truly wonderful collection -- fierier and infinitely more stylish, I
> have to tell you, than the Naxos collection. Superb booklet; superb
> playing; superb packaging. I was one happy bunny. This is how GG might have
> played Scarlatti had he actually liked him (I think).
> Such diversity. Such style, panache.
> Best,  Alun
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