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Re: GG edition 8/Kultar video

At 2:11 PM 2/28/97, Arin Murphy wrote:
>These videos all sound terrific and I'm wondering where you all get them.
>I've never seen any around here in Montreal. Can one order them, and if
>so, how?

        Ok, listen up you crazy kids, this is kinda the same topic that
Joseph and I batted around a week ago, and it breaks my heart that anyone
has to live without "On/Off The Record"...
        Kultur/White Star video in New Jersey has re-released "GG:On/Off
the Record" with the title "GG: Two Portraits." It, and another Kultur
release titled "GG Plays Beethoven," are both available for $19.95(US) from
Kultur, at (1-800) 458-5887. In Canada, you can call (908) 229-2343. Their
customer service reps are great people, and they will ship the videos
mighty quick. The Sony videos, another monster altogether, are still
available all over the place. The Kultur release "GG: A Portrait" is
officially out of print, but might still be available from certain stores.
I've seen it listed at a few online shops.
The Kultur videos are great, I recommend them... ask for a catalog and shop
til' you drop!
Best regards, Kristen


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