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GG Transcript request

Hi folks,
        I am aware that a transcript of the "Hysteric Return" can be found
on the GG Perspective site, but has anyone come across a transcription of
the entire GG Fantasy? (I know I *could* make the effort and do it myself,
but being only an average typist, I figured I'd first make sure one doesn't
already exist.)

        On a side note, I must confess that at first I really used to hate
the GG Fantasy. I thought it was a tremendous example of Gould's tendency
to carry jokes too far and his complete failure to recognize his own
inability to affect a consistent accent. But now I find that I really enjoy
the Fantasy! I actually *like* the split personalities on the record, and
get a real kick out of their mannerisms. Theo Slutz and Duncan
Haig-Guinness have become particular favorites, and it becomes easier for
me to see the side of Gould that his friends must have found so funny and
        His accents still stink though. ;-)



"...I have not yet requested the orchestra to file to the balcony while for
three glorious minutes the piano is hung decorously from the chandelier."
-Glenn Gould