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Re: GG: All Saints' Kingsway?

At 07:42 PM 2/23/97 UT, "Junichi Miyazawa" <Junichi_Miyazawa@msn.com> wrote:
>I am now translating Michael Stegemann's linernotes
>for the Japanese version of the new release of the GG Edition.
>I came acoss a question on the name of a church:
>In 1962, GG recorded the first nine fugues of The Art of Fugue
>on the Casavan organ at, 
>according to Payzant's *Music and Mind*,
>"All Saints' Kingsway" in Toronto.
>However, according to the label copy and the notes, 
>the name of thechurch is:
> "All Saints' Anglican Church."
>Tell me why they are different.  Is one of them wrong?
>Is the church called both?
>Junichi / junichi@poetic.com
The church is an Anglican church here in Toronto.
In the current phone book it is listed as 

"All Saints Church (Anglican) Kingsway". 

I hope this clarifies the matter.