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FW: GG: The G'berg video

>For those of you who ever wanted to sneak into Bruno Monsaingeon's
>editing booth, Forfia chronicles the out-takes-- what happened during
>the G'Berg video recording while the camera was rolling between takes.
>(I don't know where this out-take footage is housed.)

The National Library of Canada has a copy of the outake footage
of the Goldbergs.  We have Monsaigeon's permission to show
them, but only to on-site patrons.  These tapes are some of my
favourite in the GG collection.  They are the only document we
have where you actually see him working (working out fingering,
interpretation, etc, etc).  We have audio outakes for several
works, but the visual portion adds a very interesting and
educational extra dimension.

Gilles St-Laurent
Music Division
National Library of Canada