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Re: GG: Symposium May 17, 1997

>>Kevin Bazzana, musicologist and editor of _GlennGould_.  He'll be speaking
>>about his upcoming book;
>Please tell me that this talk is entitled "Yes, we have no bazzanas!" -- it
>would make my day....

Truthfully, The whole thing seems kind of weird; a woman lecturing about a
dead guy who just published a book about a dead guy... I know they were all
(reportedly) friends, but that's a few too many degrees of separation for
me. (Sort of reminds me of that long-standing joke that you can link anyone
in Hollywood with Kevin Bacon...) Is Verne Edquist still alive? Personally,
I'd much rather hear him talk about GG. After all, he was the one who used
to fetch the "double-doubles."



"Yeah, well uhhh, I can relate to what you're sayin', man, but like, not
with any negative vibes, yuh know, cuz' as far as I'm concerned, when
you're dealin' with uh, middle Mozart there, you go mainly for the
beats..."      -Theo Slutz