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GG: String Quartet

Hello all,

Just like to share an experience I had last night at the local CD Store
(Spec's). For a local store, I have consistently been impressed with their
extensive classical section (it was there that I found GG). Anyway, last
night I went in to see if, by chance, they were actually getting the new
CD in the Edition (which, it turns out, is coming out today). 

To my horror, their classical music section had been *gutted*. I asked
about it, and the salesman told me that the Big Boys had decided that they
couldn't carry so much overhead if they wanted to make real profits, and
that the classical music section only accounted for 2% of their sales. Not
only were they not getting the new CD, but there was only *one* Spec's in
the entire state of Florida which was going to get it. I finally had to
special order the thing.

I remember somebody here commenting about a similiar experience at their
favorite store. I can only wonder how long it will be before the message
gets to the production companies, and they stop *making* classical CD's
altogether. Get 'em while you can.