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GG: in another fictional role

*Another* glimpse of mythical Gould! How is it that he's such a fiction?
GG "appears" briefly as an impression in a play called "Old Wicked
Songs" by Jon Marans:

>The play's title, in fact, comes from the last of the "Dichterliebe," >the exquisite cycle of songs Schumann adapted from the love poems of >Heinrich Heine. It is this pain-infused yet celebratory work of music >-- in which the mood of the lyrics, as Stephen [the main character, a >pianist] notes with exasperation, is often contradicted by the melody >-- that gives the play both its solid center and far more ineffable >tone. 


>[Justin] Kirk,... best known for his role as the blind man in "Love! >Valour! Compassion!," finds delicate variations within his character's >angular ferocity. (You expect to grow tired of him, but you don't.) And >Stephen's edgy impersonations of the pianists Vladimir Horowitz, Glenn >Gould and especially Alfred Brendel provide the play with its most >sharply comic moments. 


>-New York Times Theater Review
>September 6, 1996