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RE: GG Dubs

Hello all, this is going to sound unreal, but after a very good day of cd
shopping, I found all of the GG music that Mary Lause was looking for,
except the Stokowski. So, I guess I'll be dubbing the stuff for her myself
(she doesn't know it yet...) Thanks to anyone who was getting ready to mail
me volunteering their services.
And Joseph, the painting isn't Millais, I know that one well (and love it
too!) This one is small and squarish, background so dark it looks black.
The portrait is face and head only, head leaned back, eyes closed, mouth
looking somewhat beatific in a very "Ecstasy of St. Teresa" way. The
portrait is also in the background of the opening segment to Sciabin's
Desir on tape 16. Good luck!
Regards, Kristen


"Yeah, well uhhh, I can relate to what you're sayin', man, but like, not
with any negative vibes, yuh know, cuz' as far as I'm concerned, when
you're dealin' with uh, middle Mozart there, you go mainly for the
beats..."      -Theo Slutz