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GG: Everything!

Hello all! I've been absent for about a week because of dress rehearsals 
and midterms and work and illness, but here are my contributions, late 
though they may be:

The 9.95$ copy of _The Maestro_ is indeed the paperback copy, well-bound 
though. FYI, Tim Wynne-Jones is now best-known as a children's author - 
he won the Governor General's award twice, once for _The Maestro_ and 
once for a wonderful collection of short stories entiltled _Some of the 
Kinder Planets_. He writes picture books too. He has written adult 
novels, notably his first called _Odd's End_, which won a major debut 
novel award here in Canada (sorry, it escapes me at the moment) which I 
just loved - sort of a mystery-thriller-suspense that goes quite deep 
into human psychology and takes place in our beautiful MAritimes, near 
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

My thanks to Bradley, K. Berry and Bruce: yes, of course it was Wanda 
Landowska I was thinking of. My mind is in six trillion different places 
these days. Where would I be without you?

My thanks also go out to those who have been participating in the 
recommendations for speaker placement. You supplied a badly needed shot 
of tear-inducing laughter. (And I will NEVER admit to experimenting with 
speaker placement to anyone but you... suffice it to say I had tried some of 
those suggestions not so long ago looking for a perfect audio balance!)

Arin Murphy
Concordia University, Montreal

The absolute requirements of literary labour not unfrequently compel an 
irregular distribution of time, and with it irregular social and moral 
habits. (J.W. Kaye)