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GG: Singing and Shine

I have to confess that I wasn't at all a fan of _Shine_ and I too find
the comparisons between David Helfgott and Gould to be if not detestable
then at least annoying. (On another note I saw the film in a brand new
state-of-the-art Loews theater and was maddened that the rain was more
pronounced than the music-- in stereo surround whereas the music was
absolutely "flat".)

Tim Page has stated that tales of GG's mannerisms at the piano are
greatly over-blown.  A professor of mine who saw Gould play live (either
D.C. or New York...) was unimpressed by his Bach and undisturbed by his

Who on f_minor has seen GG play live?

-Mary Jo

P.S. Good to see you here again Denis!  I'll be sending you some
material soon.