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Re: GG: Images

Lori said:

>Perhaps, I am imagining things, but it seems to me this has enhanced
>the incidental noises.  For example, in the "Italian" concerto, I hear
>not only the humming and the chair (VERY clearly), but I also hear now
>GG shifting his feet on the wooden floor.  Is this new editing that
>good?  Or am I just highly suggestable?

As an utter recording layperson, Lori, I'd say, no, it isn't your
suggestible imagination. I listened to the super bitmapped version of the 2
& 3 Part Variations recently after many listens to my oldish CBS
Masterworks CD, hoping (at that time: I didn't know better) that the
remastering might have refined out the hiccups, clanks etc from the piano.
If anything, these were clearer, more pronounced....So I think it likely
that if you listen carefully you'll probably hear GG humming, shuffling,
shifting his feet and -- maybe -- gently murmering, "Can you hear me,
Lori....".   ;-)

Best,  Alun

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