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Re: Gould Bias

Mr Heath Robinson said:

>The best solution is to position your speakers on the floor
>facing each other, about a yard apart. [...] If necessary, fit
>cardboard chutes or baffles to your ears to channel the sounds you want
>to hear.

Better still, suspend the speakers, as I do, on a pulley system from the
ceiling; this will enable you to lower them to the optimum height and
position. Ideally, they should *just* brush the lobes of your ears when you
are in a seated position. Fine adjustments can be made by using a
draughtsman's stool mounted on a spindle. Further ultra-fine adjustments
can be admirably effected by training yourself to alter the vertical
positioning of your ears by careful control of the facial muscles. (Please
note: this is best done either in the dark or by weak canflelight as the
facial contortions it occasions can sometimes be disturbing for elderly
aunts and sickly children.

- Alun

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