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Re: Gould Bias

John said:

>The coupling of the headphones to your ears can be *drastically* affected
>by the sidebars of your glasses.  Phones like the Sennheiser HD580s might
>work well for you, because they have sizeable foam cushions that elevate
>the earpieces off your head.

Yes, actually I looked at these but chose another cheaper Sennheiser set --
the second I have tried so far. I also tried some Sony cushioned 'phones
recently which seemed as if they might also solve the problem....
>I can sympathize with being "blind as a bat" without your glasses, but
>I find that critical listening can really be enhanced by removing visual
>stimuli altogether (ie: closing your eyes).  Of course, finding your next
>CD and loading it in the player can really test your patience!

This will sound crazy, but if I can't see properly I also imagine I can't
hear properly -- a hangover from those days when as a child I was forced to
do horrible rough things like sports and couldn't wear my glasses. I would
squint like mad across this field of mud, desperately trying to understand
these unintelligible instructions to do things -- run! pass! jump! tackle!
-- which, frankly, I had no intention of doing anyway.....

Sorry, not much GG there, but I'm sure he would have sympathised.

Thanks,  Alun

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