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GG:John Miller on @homewithGG

Thanks to a member (hmmm...which could it be?) of f_minor, John Miller
of the Glenn Gould Foundation got a copy of my e-mail regarding
_@HomewithGG_ and sent this reply through a friend's account to clear up
the misinformation.

Thanks to John, Bridget, and the mysterious German Friend...

Mary Jo

> Hello, MaryJo!
> This is my first email EVER!  I received a copy of your notice about the coming compact disc, At Home with Glenn Gould, from one of our Friends members in Germany who had read your reference to it on the f_minor web page.  She asked when it would be
> released and your item rather seemed to refer that it would be only for fortissimo donors of the Friends society.  The disc used to be reserved for these senior donors who helped us to initiate the entire project, but now the disc is to be made available
> to all members of the Friends society for $30, including shipping.  We will announce the release in the Spring edition of GLENNGOULD, the magazine.
> I hope this clears up any questions about its availability and date of release which might come your way.
> Thanks!
> John Miller
> Gould Foundation