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GG: Lois Marshall died this week.

Hi Folks,

I heard at a concert tonight that Lois Marshall died this week.

This name will probably be more significant to the Canadian
readers of this list.  She was a soprano who performed on CBC concerts 
during the same period that our Glenn was performing.  She
must have been over seventy when she died.

She appeared on Gould's 1962 TV show Festival/Richard Strauss:
A Personal View.  Otto Friedrich tells the story about how Gould
once mentioned to an interviewer that "I'm recording like mad and 
working frantically on _A Letter from Stalingrad_, which I am 
writing for soprano Lois Marshall.  Its a very personal piece 
for me.  The text is a letter from a German officer killed at
Stalingrad, an extraordinarily moving thing, in which he 
instructs his wife in how she must act in the catastrophe of 
their world."

Friedrich asks Marshall about this and she had never heard of