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Re: GG Solitude Trilogy

Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> I wonder why it never occured to him to do a docudrama about Quebec
> (other than the obvious reason that he'd likely have had to interview
> French speakers and edit tape in a language he didn't understand very well.

This surprises me.  I thought GG was quite knowlegable in this
language and German.

> a Gould-like figure have as much access now to the resources of         the
> national media?
Only if this figure had the financial savvy as GG and could acquire
the proper technology.

If anything GG was resourceful and he bypassed unions, customs
policies, and other such obstacles to do what he wished.

However, I think he would be very disappointed in present day Canada.
While I live in the US, I am Canadian-American through and through.  A
relative in North York, Ontario sends us documentaries frequently
about the state of Canadian government.

The sentiment today no longer represents the passivity which became a
stereotype of Canadian behavior.  Because their leaders have lied and
broken promises and basically sold the soul of Canada to the US, they
have become angry and cynical (generally speaking of course.)  As I
was watching these documentaries, I kept Glenn in mind.  How would he
have reacted to these changes?  He certainly didn't appreciate the
modern developments in the Toronto of his day.  Certainly this
Canadian revolution would have hurt him a great deal.  I thought with
great sadness that it was probably for the best that GG left when he

Lori Lalonde