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[F_minor] GG and his technology et al ...

Not only, not only. GG was classical music's "garage band",
what with his reel-to-reel tape recorder up there at the Simcoe
circa 1948. Much later Gould set up his own
recording studio at Toronto's
Eaton's Auditorium and
his own mixing studio at Inn On The Park.

We all know this but it's worth a call out because of the
outrageous commentary ie 'Gould, l'ermite du Nord' ...
(so much more fun in French). Ermite mon oeil; simply an
extraordinarily gifted artist on the job. Point, c'est tout.
Seriously on the job. Gee, ain't it awful?
Correct me if I'm wrong but Bazzana reports on Gould's never
realized plan to market his recordings "en bloc" to the highest bidder,
thus breaking out of the usual contractual arrangement - this coming
some thirty-five years before Prince painted "Slave" across his forehead or wherever and even longer before the "Bowie Bond"
the light of day and a Moody's (for what it's worth) rating.
Please do Google "Bowie Bond"; I must say I was thrilled when
I read that the late Dusty Springfield (The Voice, get over it)
followed hard
on Bowie's heels on her own account.
  Gould smiled sweetly.  

    To quote Yehudi Menuhin (to Glenn Gould):

Gould keeps the lights on decade after decade: shoes off, on the job.
My brother turns 60 this month and among my presents
to him are Gould's "A Consort of Musicke Bye" and Gould's
Liszt transcription of Beethoven's 5th . "And if that isn't love ..."

Mary Jensen

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