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RE: [F_minor] alchemy or pianism ?

I would call it musicianship rather than pianism, though pianism is certainly a part of it. With the control capable in a recording studio, Glenn Gould was able to give us a better shot at understanding exactly what it was he was trying to communicate. And this he did with the clarity and control only possible in a recording studio. And so, I think that it is more impressive than what can be done in public, which generally seems to me a show, a kind of circus. 
But I could be wrong. 


Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 11:09:18 -0700
From: mmacelletti@sbcglobal.net
Subject: [F_minor] alchemy or pianism ?

after watching b.m. 's dvd about gould the alchemist, a rather worrisome thought occured to me. sure the gould recital canon , albeit limited, was very well done in concert .but with his vast recording repertoire, was it an art of pianism,  or an art of clever splicing and control of the situation. - in an atmosphere where any daredevil effort could be attempted with total impunity. granted, it is still very enjoyable. but is it as impressive as the same thing done in public ?

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